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    The Most Reliable Dermatology Practices

    Specializing in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, Vivo Dermatology clinic provides convenient access to the best dermatologists in New Jersey. From minor skin conditions to complex skin cancer care and the latest cosmetic techniques, Vivo is one of the most sought-after dermatology practices in New Jersey thanks to its doctors and staff.

    Our plastic surgeons bring years of experience in helping patients achieve all their aesthetic goals through surgical procedures. Every treatment is fully customized to the precise needs of each patient for results that are natural and beautiful.

    For patients seeking surgical solutions to their aesthetic concerns, our plastic surgeons are board-certified and have decades of experience helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals. Through customizable surgical plans, our surgeons offer results that are natural, durable, and beautiful.

    Client Satisfaction96%
    Insurance Coverage94%
    Success Rate98%

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    Our Office provides the services of the pediatrician and consultants, covering all fields of Pediatrics, ultrasound examination and laboratory analyses. Consulting team members include physicians with extensive professional experience.

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    Founder, Dermatologist

    Anthony O’Neil

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    Dermatologist, Surgeon

    Nicholas Horton

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    Dermatologist, Surgeon

    Angela Howard

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    Lead Nurse

    Gloria Walker

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    Improving Looks, Changing Lives

    Great Patient Stories

    The best dermatologist in my opinion, lot of patience and solved my Issues very easily. Staff were very courteous and friendly.
    Vivian Kirk
    I would highly recommend Dr. O’Neil. She’s very thorough, kind and caring and went above and beyond to help me.
    Jesse Norman
    Vivo staff are very professional. They addressed all my questions and concerns and was available over the phone as well.
    Kelsey Heath
    Medical science begin to notice for good health, peace of mind, self-confidence, optimism is something very important.
    Ann Michaels
    Research, Education, Treatment

    The Easiest Way To
    Prevent Skin Problems

    We provide excellent medical care to a wide variety of skin conditions, as well as offer a comprehensive range of procedures from skin rejuvenation to body contouring, and ingrown hair to stretch marks, facelifts and fillers, just to name a few.

    Surgical procedures range from facelifts to breast enhancement. We are committed to administering the highest quality care by using the most advanced methods in research, diagnosis, and treatments of skin disorders and conditions.


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    Mole & Skin Care

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    Initial Full Skin Checkup
    Three Free Mole Interventions
    Monthly Skin & Mole Checkups
    24h Doctor Assistance

    Acne Treatment

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    Routine Skin Checkup
    Five Acne Treatments
    Acne Treatment Products Included
    24h Doctor Assistance

    Botox Liftups

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    Routine Skin Checkup
    Three Free Mole Interventions
    Regular Health Checkups
    24h Doctor Assistance

    Free Moles Examination

    See which skin lesions exist, which are dangerous and which are not.

    Healthy Skin Advices

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    G-Shot (G Noktası Büyütme) Nedir?
    G-Shot (G Noktası Büyütme) Nedir?
    G-shot, kadında G noktasının hassasiyetini ve hazzı arttırmak İçin uygulanan bir prosedürdür. Hyaluronik asit bazlı enjeksiyonlar, vajinal duvarın G noktasındaki hassasiyetini artırmak, daha kolay ve daha yoğun vajinal orgazm sağlamak için kullanılır. G noktası büyütme işlemi , cinsel aktivite deneyimlerini iyileştirmek için diğer vajinal gençleştirme prosedürleri veya erojen bölge enjeksiyonları (klitoris için O-shot gibi) ile...
    by Zeynep
    Kegel Egzersizi Ne İşe Yarar?
    Kegel Egzersizi Ne İşe Yarar?
    Kegel egzersizleri, pelvik tabanı sıkılaştırmada, inkontinansı azaltmada ve cinsel tatmini artırmada son derece etkilidir. Kegel egzersizlerini gün boyunca birkaç kez tekrarlayarak pelvik taban kaslarınızı sıkılaştırabilirsiniz. İdrar yapmayı durdurmak için kullanacağınız kasları düşünün – hedeflemek istediğiniz kaslar bunlardır.  Bununla birlikte, pelvik taban kaslarınız vajinayı ve çevresindeki yapıları desteklemeye yardımcı olurlar.
    by Zeynep
    Vajinal Gevşeklik Nedenleri Nelerdir?
    Vajinal Gevşeklik Nedenleri Nelerdir?
    Vajina ve diğer pelvik organlarda hormonal eksiklikler, fiziksel zorlama ve genetik özellikler vajinal gevşekliğe neden olabilir. YAYGIN NEDENLER ŞUNLARDIR: Kasları, tendonları ve vajina duvarlarını geren ve esneten vajinal doğum   Menopozun neden olduğu azalan östrojen seviyeleri   Sağlık sorunlarının neden olduğu azalmış östrojen seviyeleri   Yaşlanan kaslar ve tendonlar yüzünden zayıflamış bir pelvik taban
    by Zeynep
    HPV Aşısı Kimlere Ne Zaman Yapılmalıdır?
    HPV Aşısı Kimlere Ne Zaman Yapılmalıdır?
    HPV aşısının 11 ila 12 yaş arasındaki tüm kız ve erkek çocuklara yapılması tavsiye edilmektedir. Genç yaşlarda aşıya yanıt, ileri yaşlara göre daha iyidir ve ilk cinsel temastan önce aşı uygulanması idealdir. 11 ve 12 yaşındaki tüm çocukların en az altı ay arayla iki doz HPV aşısı olması önerilmektedir.  İki dozlu programın 15 yaşın altındaki...
    by Zeynep

    VIVO Dermal Clinic
    68 Erie St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

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    We’re here for you!

    Our board-certified dermatologists are all fellowship trained and uniquely trained in lasers and other technology, cosmetic and medical dermatology, and skin surgery, as well as facial reconstruction.

    Together they are highly acclaimed world experts with thousands of articles published, countless TV and media appearances, and hundreds of years of combined experience.

    Our board-certified dermatologists are all fellowship-trained and experts in lasers and technology, cosmetic and medical dermatology, and skin surgery. Patients travel from all over the world to receive treatment from our world-class physicians. We are committed to the highest quality care.


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